Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Week Four
“No matter how you feel. Get up. Dress up. Show up.” – Regina Brett


Keep a bedside journal. Of all the aspects of my life that I have tried to optimize and perfect, sleep has been the hardest. To have a perfect night of sleep, I would need to accomplish several near-impossible tasks – including being in perfect darkness and silence. Since this may be unrealistic, the easiest way to improve one’s sleep is to keep a bedside journal. While, I am a big fan of “journaling,” this notebook serves a different purpose. In it, you write any thoughts or ideas that you have before going to bed. Not only does this allow you to avoid the blue light of your phone, this notebook will enable you to free yourself from all distracting thoughts that would otherwise hinder your ability to enter a deep and peaceful sleep.

“If you want to be healthy, start using a bedside journal.”



Pay yourself first. In his national best seller, David Chilton (aka The Wealthy Barber), explains that if you use your paycheque to pay your landlord, the electrician, Walmart, Apple, AT&T, and others first, there will be nothing left for the most important person of all… you. The path to financial freedom begins with the commitment to set aside a certain amount of each paycheque to go directly to your savings account, regardless of the bills you have to pay or the things you want to buy.

“If you want to be wealthy, start paying yourself first.”



Wake up one hour earlier than you normally would. Often, when asked why we have not pursued a passion we love, our immediate response is that we are too busy. In fact, being extremely “busy” is the largest inhibitor of our personal freedom. At Seeking Freedom we have made it our goal to reclaim our free time and help you do the same. Start by dedicating one hour each morning to pursuing your own selfish goals. Although it may be hard at first, you will begin to experience the joy of having time each day where the house is silent, your family is asleep, and your to-do list out of your mind. Free from all distractions, you will be able to focus your attention to achieving your goal each and every day. And slowly, but surely, you will achieve everything that you were “too busy” to do.

“If you want to be wise, start waking up one hour earlier.”

To our readers,

We thank you for your patience and are grateful for your support.

Humbly yours,

Leo and Yasna

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