Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Week Five
“What you resist, persists.” – Carl Jung


Stop stress-eating. About a quarter of us, on average, are notorious emotional eaters. We eat comforting food when we are stressed, because it provides us with a temporary surge of happiness and an escape from negativity. However, it is in these fat-filled, craving-driven moments that we expose ourselves to some serious health consequences. This week, before eating any snacks or meals that are unhealthy, ask yourself why you are eating it. If the answer has anything to do with your emotional state, go grab a bowl of vegetables. It’s time you taught your body that it won’t get rewarded for entering into a state of high stress!

“If you want to be healthy, stop stress-eating.”



Admit to areas of high expenditure. Perhaps the simplest, but most pivotal concept when it comes to managing personal finances is to live well within your means. To never overextend yourself financially. However, considering the average American senior retires below the poverty line, many struggle with this concept. This week, take a look at your monthly expenditures and identify regular purchases that are unsustainably expensive. It’s time you stopped slaving away at work just to waste your money. Financial freedom awaits you.

“If you want to be wealthy, cancel the services on which you are overspending.”



Be honest. A feeling that is repressed will always rear its head in an ugly manner. We often lie to ourselves and others when experiencing emotionally painful moments, in order to save face. But with every lie we tell ourselves, the space for emotional repression decreases, and we get one step closer to a dangerous outburst. This week, find a friend that you can trust, and resolve to be completely honest in all conversations. Questions like “How are you?” and “How did it go?” should no longer be responded automatically. Take your time, and say exactly how you feel. Telling the truth will liberate you.

“If you want to be wise, start being honest.”

To our readers,

We thank you for reading. Let’s stop repressing, and start owning this week!

Humbly yours,

Leo and Yasna

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