The Law of Attraction: Taking Advantage of Momentum

Think back to a time in your life where you were completely in the zone – a time when it felt like everything you touched turned to gold. However short that time period may have been, it probably seemed like everything was going great. You could do no wrong.

Now let’s do an easier exercise. Think back to a time in your life where it felt like everything was going wrong – a time when life felt like a complete catastrophe. Perhaps you’re in one of those slumps right now. You may be wondering, “When will it end?” When it rains, it pours. 

These feedback loops of positive or negative cycles don’t simply occur by coincidence. They’re a result of what many like to call: The Law of Attraction. In the simplest terms: when you’re feeling good, good things tend to happen more frequently; when you’re feeling bad, bad things tend to happen more frequently.

What kind of energy are you attracting?

When you are in the zone, you radiate an air of positivity and joy. People pick up on that temperament – it’s infectious. So, when you’re in this state, it’s far from a coincidence when your relationships with others flourish. It’s also likely that you’ll meet someone new and exciting.

Conversely, when everything is falling apart, you start to expect the worst. You communicate a lack of confidence and adventure to others. You start to turn any and every environment into a despairing place to be. It’s unlikely that you’ll do anything new or meet anyone exciting.

We can take advantage of these self-fulfilling cycles in two ways: fuelling momentum and breaking negative cycles.

Fuelling Momentum: The God Pocket

Humour me for a minute as we coin a term for the zone where everything is going great – “The God Pocket.” How do you remain in The God Pocket forever? The truth is, you can’t. And you shouldn’t want to either. It may be a wonderful place to be, but it only derives its value from the fact that it happens every once in a while. The real question is: how do you extend your time in The God Pocket? That can be done by recognizing it for what it is: a self-fulfilling cycle. All you need to do is keep adding fuel to the fire.

The next time you’re in this kind of zone, take a minute to write down everything you are doing right. Make as much of it as you can process-focused, rather than outcome-based. Then, keep doing those things until the well runs dry. You will inevitably exit The God Pocket, even when you’re doing everything right – but if you can lengthen its stay, you’ve mastered a skill that would warrant a lifetime’s worth of work.

Breaking The Cycle: The Hole of Despair

When things aren’t going right, it may seem like the world simply has it out for you. But, more often than not, there are things you are doing that are making things worse. However, in “The Hole of Despair” it’s hard to see this clearly. So instead of focusing on correcting what you’re doing wrong, do something right. Break your state.

Often the best thing to do is achieve some sort of physical reset. Whether that be going to the gym, dancing to your favourite music, running or playing a sport, there is no better way to break the cycle than to engage in physical activity. Once you get moving and break a sweat, you’ll start to think clearly and logically. Then, it’s time to break out a piece of paper and write down what is going wrong and how you can improve. Decision-making is only valuable when you’re in the mindset to make a proper decision.

Life often goes in cycles. Peaks and troughs, mountains and valleys… But it is these self-fulfilling cycles that we need to be most aware of – The God Pockets and The Holes of Despair – because they are immensely powerful. Learn to fuel your momentum when you’re in The God Pocket, learn to break your cycle when you’re in The Hole of Despair, and you’ll be able to master The Law of Attraction.

“What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.” – Anonymous

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