The Path to Freedom: Week #5

As we continue on our path towards freedom, we prepare ourselves for the upcoming week with one quote to live by, along with three guiding tenets, rules and/or goals for the next seven days. 

Quote of the Week

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”  – Winston Churchill

The outcome of what you’re striving towards may result in success or failure. Neither will define you. Both success and failure are often fleeting; the most important thing is to keep on improving.

Rules & Goals of the Week

1. Visualize the best case and worst case scenarios.

We often experience anticipatory anxiety because we just don’t know how something important is going to turn out. Instead of frantically waiting to see what happens, spend some time visualizing the best and worst case scenario as objectively as possible. You will often realize that the difference between the two is not that vast.

2. Move on.

This week, focus on ensuring that the trials and tribulations that affect you on one day do not carry over into the next. Do your best to wake up with a clean palette and a clear mind, ready to take on new challenges.

3. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

If you succeed, celebrate and take the credit you deserve. If you fail, let the failure be the only negative part of the experience. Learn from it, but do not dwell on what you should have done differently. Life can be hard – there’s no need to make it any harder on yourself.

Let’s go.

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