The Path to Freedom: Week #6

As we continue on our path towards freedom, we prepare ourselves for the upcoming week with one quote to live by, along with three guiding tenets, rules and/or goals for the next seven days. 

Quote of the Week

“There is no influence like the influence of habit.”  – Gilbert Parker

This week we pick back up where we left off, resuming all the habits that make us better. Whether you are starting up your old routine or committing to a new one, this week is the first step to getting back on track!

Rules & Goals of the Week

1. Do the little things.

Make your bed, clean your room, call your family and friends, and do all the little things that require just a bit of effort. These actions will put you in the right mindset: one that counters laziness and procrastination.

2. Break your state.

In attempting to get back on track and completing the habits that you deem important, your body will try to fight your productivity. When you get in that lazy and lethargic mood, do whatever you can to break your state. Often, it’s nothing a cold shower can’t fix.

3. Combat needless worry, the right way.

Continue to stay on track by counteracting your brain’s desire to worry about harmless things. Write down rational responses to any irrational fears that may crop up, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand.

Let’s do it.

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